Vlad & Greg

"Then you ask: what,
within this cosmos,
is the opposite of a vampire?
The answer is obvious.
The opposite of a vampire is a werewolf."
~ David Graeber

Simmers on Twitter are shipping Vlad and Greg, so I was inspired to do a short machinima with my own take on their story.

I recorded most of the scenes of the first chapter hours before the Werewolves pack was released, so the Greg I used here was my own version of him based on how I imagined he should look like. I made the younger version of Vlad as the story is set in the past when Vlad and Greg were young adults.

They both kept their occult identities secret from each other, with immortal Vlad wanting Greg to come with him as he found a way he could become human so they can grow old and die together, thinking Greg was a human himself.

Greg, on the other hand, didn't want to leave his pack behind as they depended on him for survival. He couldn't tell Vlad about it, and Vlad couldn't understand why Greg chose to not go with him.

But can either of them survive without each other?

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